playing around at paint nite!

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social painting has become quite the phenom in the last little while, and I have to admit, I started out very skeptical about the whole thing. seemed cheesy and not very ”productive.” It defies a lot of what I thought art was about, planning, strategy, isolated focus.

after participating in a few paint nites, one in Toronto and the other in Kanata, I have come to appreciate the benefits of ”playing around” with your art, and the benefit of being guided through a technique, one shape and one colour at a time.

too often we artists are alone in a cavernous hole of deep thought and contemplation. Mind you, the paint nites are not really for ”artists” as they are most often populated by newbies and people out to have a good time. I wonder what kind of work would result if paint nites were exclusive to professional painters? — and there I go dreaming about being the 8th in the group of 7 again. šŸ™‚

what do you think of local paint nites? do you think they produce credible works of art? or is it just drunken, copy catting in a crowd?

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