on matters of specialization.

where I have been struggling lately in my art is attempting to find an area of specialization.  After painting in oils and watercolour, I think that I have become much more adept with oil painting, but then I will be working on a fun little sketch in watercolour and it turns out fantastic, and I feel like I am back at square one with which direction to go in developing my body of work.  The question becomes what my focus should be on with special attention on improving where I am already excelling.



my other issue within the same vein is subject matter. Do I specialize in landscapes, in botanicals, portraits, cityscapes… etc. I know it really shouldn’t matter (paint what you are compelled to paint), but in terms of brand and creating a series… I would like to find a focus. I am currently not very good at portrait painting, but I adore admiring portraits done by other artists, and I see potential in my attempts.


art for art sake is not a philosophy I would like to subscribe to. so, I am going to try and zero in on a specialization some point soon. I guess the only way to find out is to try everything and see what I enjoy the best (and what process fits best, and what results show best)

what steps do you take and what kinds of questions do you ask yourself when trying to narrow down the scope of your work?

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