Pretty = Easy!

If ever you have been in a place or state of mind where you are looking to explore artistically but unsure of where to start, and a little uneasy about colouring outside of the lines, I can say safely that this is not a path you need forge through all by your lonesome. Many artists have been there before, and the key is to find ways to make creativity a little easier on yourself.

I often feel at odds with the mediums I use to express myself. I have been trying my hand at watercolour, and because it is so unpredictable, I wanted to figure out a way to play around with it in such a way that I could also control the outcome.

A great way I found is to give yourself what I like to call controlled freedom. This is like a safety net of sorts within the watercolour medium which gives yourself some boundaries, or, in essence,  you are creating for yourself a colouring book page where when water spills over the edge and outside the lines, it looks like a cool effect rather than a messy mistake!

Here is a handy video to get you started on this technique. Eventually, once you are comfortable, you can forget about the boundaries and lay down colour without the safety.

What you will need:

Watercolour paper — I am using Strathmore 140 lb  6×9

Watercolour paints – for experimental stuff like these, I would suggest using paint in pans.

An ink marker — Micron’s don’t smudge!

A reference photo

Fresh water and some of your favourite brushes.

(Pretty Easy, eh?)


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