Compromising with your weaknesses

We all have weaknesses, and facing them head on isn’t exactly easy. But what if, instead of having to battle our weakness we turned it around and used our weaknesses as an advantage, a personal style?

I have a short attention span, I get disinterested in my work when it becomes overwhelming, generally speaking if I cannot finish something in less than 4 sittings, it doesn’t get completed. Example follows:


I have this goal for working on great big canvases, but it has ended up costing me in wasted time, ruined canvas, wasted materials, and loss of self-respect.  The image above lays on its side in my studio. I fell in love with the boats and the water, and got overwhelmed at how much of the canvas was still empty and unplanned. In other words, as Bob says, I could not see what to do next and I cannot bring myself to find out.

I am crummy at thinking about and executing the backgrounds of my work. I get caught up in the idea and forget about composition and vision for the end product. I find myself always wanting to heighten the contrast and range of tonal values in photoshop after my pieces are complete

So… If I painted subject matter on small scale canvas, with no backgrounds, in one sitting, without pre-planning or development of an end look in mind and made my work faded with little to no contrast, could I call this my style? Would people believe I had intentions to work this way and celebrate these as factors which make up an original Kara?  Would this ultimately lead to brilliant or cruddy work?

Probably the latter, but I am highly considering a compromise with myself: Working on small and medium sized canvas only with simple colour or textured backgrounds that are preplanned after doing a tonal preparatory sketch no more than 1 day prior to starting to lay down final lines and tonal markings.

Self – Can we reach a compromise on this?

I think we may have a deal.

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