Who is this blog for, anyway?

This blog isn’t just for me anymore.

As much as I like reflecting and talking to myself about myself … I have been doing a lot of thinking about the ‘point’ of this blog.

Who do I want reading this (besides my first and most loyal subscriber… hi mom!)?

Who am I helping?

Who will get the most value from what I am posting?


Emerging Artists: Are you just getting serious about developing your body of work, your vision, your personal style?

I share a lot about my thought process: my ideas, my intentions and my attempts so that other artists can see what ‘becoming’ an artist looks like. I love books like the Artist’s Way, Steal Like and Artist and plenty of Art Magazines dedicated to revealing the behind the scenes work that goes into cultivating and evolving the fragments which make up your creative or artistic soul. If you like these kind of books and guides, I think you will appreciate the content on this blog.

Seekers: Are you constantly seeking to find the REASON behind being creative?

I am constantly having to reinvent new ways to keep my overactive mind engaged in developing art. I finds focus and grit hard won. If you have been there, and are looking for ways to develop a stick-to-it-iveness in yourself that does NOT come naturally, you will especially enjoy this blog because you can read about how I keep having to win myself over with new ways to stay on task!

Hobbyists: Are you looking for easy, quick, fun, relaxing ways to get creative ‘on the side’?

Every once in a while, I look for and share creative pick me ups for people who aren’t really looking to get serious about being an artist, and who just want to eat a small slice of the artist life pie.

To summarize, my blog content will be helpful for artists who are just getting started on getting serious about developing their voice and vision,  hobbyists who are exploring ideas on how to get creative quickly and easily and for all those people out there who run into problems with creative blocks and output, people who feel lost or in need of support, creative pick me ups, redirection, motivation, inspiration, and oodles of empathy for the trials and tribulations of a truly creative lifestyle !

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