Ever closer to the c*veted artist statement…

If I were forced at gunpoint to choose just 3 works of art to call my favourites from a list of all work done throughout the course of human history… I would have a hard time, as I am sure any art lover would! But thinking very seriously about some of the notable artworks out there, and what I might like to call my favourites, brings to mind for me three particular pieces:

Christina’s Word – by Andrew Wyeth


Bar at Folies Bergere – by Edouard Manet


Refuge – by Mary Whyte


Besides the obvious commonality being notably that all these paintings feature women, they all harmoniously combine scenery with figurative or portrait art, and they all have a dreamy quality with what could be read as mixed emotional tension (expressional/situational) for the featured character — in my opinion anyway.

Thinking about the similarities between these, my favourite works of art, got me started at pondering the direction I would like to –cross my fingers — go with my work one day. I want to tell stories with my work… I want them to provide a bit of escapism to my audience, I want to mix my penchant for landscape art with the ever evolving, development and betterment of my attempts at capturing human likeness.

I feel like asking myself what I like about my favourite works of art is bringing me ever closer to that c*veted artist statement I am too cautious to make at this stage.



2 thoughts on “Ever closer to the c*veted artist statement…”

    1. That is actually very encouraging!! – you wouldn’t believe how much procrastination and negative rationalization I have overcome to write posts for an audience which may or may not multiple. It is good to know someone is reading…. Like really.


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