Focus on Faces and the Figure

I took some time to start sorting through my artistic ‘wants’ in order to start making work that is more streamlined in subject matter, style and outcomes. And so, it has been a very long while since I have been able to share any progress on my personal art journey. After reflecting on the art I most admire and the artists I most want to emulate, I have come to a deeper understanding of where I want my focus to lie: Faces and Figurative art.

My main medium of choice going forward will be watercolour, as if forces me to think ahead and put in the work and time to make a composition work. To help in my eventual mastery, I consulted a mastermind of watercolour, Mary Whyte, an artist I have long admired for her painterly, colourful, diverse and impactful works of art. I invested in her book, and I must say I feel as though it was written just for me.

Image result for Painting Portraits and Figures in Watercolor

She doesn’t waste a lot of time on the basics, nor does she wax on and on about what won’t work and how troublesome watercolour is as a medium. She gave a little tough love in some areas surrounding planning and testing, but it wasn’t half as annoying as some references are in this regard. I hope to put her advice into point form for reference later. Thank you, Mary. Maybe someday I will own an original Mary Whyte.

After reading this book, I was immediately inspired to start painting and portraying a familiar face. So I decided to take a weekend workshop class with Sarah Lacy of the Drawing Room Studio.



The class was brilliant!  And the teacher was young and enthusiastic. She studied in Paris with an atelier and she taught in a specific and straightforward manner. After 2 days of long poses and  a demo I learned a lot about comparative measurement, organic lines, following the planes of the face, finding the light and giving form to a portrait for realistic effects.



I took the concepts home with me and produced what I believe is a show of real promise in my ability to render the face and the figure… to capture a likeness.


That is where I am. Very happy with what is to come for me. I will try to come back more regularly to share my work. Thank you for stopping by.

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