Kara grew up in London, Ontario as the youngest of four very intelligent, creative and independent sisters. She started learning about art when upon being accepted into a specialized art elementary school many wonderful teachers brought about in her a curiosity and passion for colour, creativity and the development of her own unique and personal artistic vision. Armed with an education on Canadian and international masters of fine art, she has expanded her development as an artist through years of practice and private study under local professionals. She now lives in Ottawa, Ontario Canada with her beautiful wife, and adorable doxie-poo. She has fallen in love with the tall trees and outdoor life akin to many inhabitants of Kanata.

Kara is constantly inventing new ways to keep her overactive mind engaged in developing art. She finds focus and grit hard won. If you have been there, and are looking for ways to develop a stick-to-it-iveness in yourself that does NOT come naturally, you will especially enjoy the blog section of this website.

Her blog content is helpful for artists who are just getting started on getting serious about developing their voice and vision,  hobbyists who are exploring ideas on how to get creative quickly and easily and for all those people out there who run into problems with creative blocks and output, people who feel lost or in need of support, creative pick me ups, redirection, motivation, inspiration, and oodles of empathy for the trials and tribulations of a truly creative lifestyle !